Contact Lenses

contact lenses

Recent developments in contact lenses mean that today they’re more comfortable and flexible than ever before

ContactLenses2Whether you’re a long-term glasses wearer or have just received an eye prescription for the very first time, contact lenses could be an ideal choice for you.

The range of contact lens types and materials currently available means that you’ll be able to find the perfect solution regardless of your needs, preferences or lifestyle.

Recent advances in technology mean that the vast majority of contact lenses are now made from a soft jelly-like substance called hydrogel. This allows oxygen to be carried through the lens to the surface of the eye, making them more comfortable to wear and able to be kept in for longer.

You can also choose the most suitable lenses for your lifestyle, ranging from daily, two weekly or monthly lenses, to bifocal options and ones specifically designed to correct astigmatism. There are even coloured lenses available to match your outfit for a special occasion or if you simply fancy a change.

ContactLenses3At Willetts & Doig Optometrists you’re in the best hands when it comes to trying contact lenses. Ross and Michael are highly experienced in recommending the right lenses for you, with over 30 years’ of contact lens experience between them. You will also receive full and comprehensive tuition on how to insert and remove them from Ria, Fiona or Amanda.

Once you have been fitted with your contact lenses and are comfortable with them, we will review your prescription and check your eyes regularly to ensure they remain in good health.

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